Contacting your guests

It is possible to contact your guests directly from Ticketlab without needing to download or handle any data. Simply navigate to your event page and click the “Email ticket holders” button under the “Communication” drop down menu.

On the resulting page, you’ll be able to compose a message and send to some or all of your attendees.

You’ll be able to Preview the message before you send it. Additionally, if you wanted to send a test message to yourself before sending it out, you can add yourself as a guest via the allocation list and select your name in the “To:” list (remember to deselect the recipients you don’t want to message).

The message will arrive via email to your ticket holders and include your email address at the bottom should they wish to respond to you.

Managing data

To find out more about our approach to data and other ways to manage data, please check out out Managing Data section.

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