Coronavirus resources, help and support for Ticketlab events

It’s an unfortunate reality that quite a large percentage of the planet is currently in hiding from the threat of coronavirus. For many of us, this has meant ceasing our regular business activities and (where possible) working from home. The events and hospitality businesses have been most affected, and here at Ticketlab we’ve seen cancelled events all across the country with no one yet really able to pick new dates in the future for their events due to uncertainty over how long this may continue. 

If you’ve already got an event set up on Ticketlab, you have a few options. You can outright cancel your event, postpone it or reschedule. We’ve got a guide on how to carry out each of these options on our Cancelling An Event support page

There is also the option of hosting the event online using video conferencing technology, but this may not apply to all events, please read our guide to decide if this could work for you.

The current UK Government advice means that all in-person events will not go ahead, and groups of more than two people will be disbanded. Please check the GOV.UK COVID-19 response page for more information, and for more specific information on the guidance for businesses page. This is a situation that is updating daily, so please check and re-check latest advice as needed. 

Whatever your response to this situation, it’s important to keep your guests notified at all times of any changes. Be clear about your refund policy, what their options are and what people should do in the event they wish to attend a later rescheduling of your event or if they want a refund.

If you’ve cancelled your event already, we’re working through refunds as we receive them and should process your refunds within 48 hours. Due to the high demand this has placed on us, we may not individually confirm refunds have been sent. Due to excessive demand with our payment processor, it may take up to 10 days for funds to reach your guests.

If your concerns haven’t been addressed by the above, or if you have any other specific questions, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help out where we can.

This page was updated on the 24th March 2020 at 1:15pm to reflect latest government advice.

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