Listing your events on your website

We have a couple of different ways in which we can embed your events into your own website, depending on your requirements.

WordPress integration

We’ve recently created a WordPress plugin that displays all of your events in one place. It’s mobile responsive and automatically updates as you add new events to Ticketlab, saving you from having to add the events on your website as well. Please get in touch if you think this could help you out – we’ve not yet published this to the WordPress plugin repository yet, so we’d have to help you integrate it. You can see an example of the plugin in action on the Craftworks E17 website.

Stay tuned for more updates to this plugin too.

non-wordpress Iframe integration

It’s simple enough to create the code to embed any page from Ticketlab into your own site. If you put ‘iframe.’ at the front of the url you want to embed, it removes the header. So the buy page for event id 1835 has the url By adding the ‘iframe’ to the start we get The HTML code for an iframe for this page is as follows:

<iframe style=”width: 100%; height: 1300pxsrc=””0“></iframe>

N.B. you may need to change the height (in this case 1300px) to accommodate the full page.

Don’t worry if this seems a little bit complicated, just drop us a message telling us what you want to do and we’ll help get you the right code to do it.

Custom website design and development

The Ticketlab team are web design and development experts. If you need a website, a custom integration with Ticketlab or if you need anything else, please enquire about our web development service.

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