Listing your events on your website

We have a couple of different ways in which we can embed your events into your own website, depending on your requirements.

Widget integration

It’s simple enough to create the code to embed any page from Ticketlab into your own site, as long as you’re able to add HTML to your webpage where you want it to appear.

We have several different types of widget. These correlate to the urls you can view your event under on Ticketlab e.g. /event/id/[event id] shows a specific event. The widget types are:

  • company – all events under your account, if you’ve set this up e.g.[your Ticketlab company slug]
  • event – an individual event e.g.[number]
  • series – a collection of events you’ve defined as a ‘series‘[number]
  • venue – all the events you’ve added to a particular venue in your account e.g.[number]

The basic code looks like this:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="

<script id="TL_buy_config" type="application/json">
"type": "[widget type]",
"id": "[your id]",
<div id="TL_buy"></div>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

If you swap out the ‘[widget type]’ for the type of widget you want and ‘[your id]’ for the number or company slug from your event url, it should display the widget on your site with the event data. This is automatically updated on your website as you update your events on Ticketlab.

Don’t worry if this seems a little bit complicated, just drop us a message telling us what you want to do we’ll help get you the right code to do it.

Custom website design and development

The Ticketlab team are web design and development experts. If you need a website, a custom integration with Ticketlab or if you need anything else, please enquire about our web development service.


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