Refunding a ticket

By default, tickets sold via Ticketlab are non-refundable. An Event Organiser can, at their discretion, choose to provide a refund on request. Unless previously authorised by an Event Organiser, Ticketlab are unable to provide a refund.

There are some exceptions to this as outlined in the Event Organiser Terms. These include event cancellation, material change to the event (change of lineup, date or venue for example).

If you’re a ticket holder and would like to enquire about getting a refund, please use the “Message event organiser” link on the event page to get in touch with the organiser directly.

If you’re an Event Organiser and would like to authorise a refund, please email Ticketlab and include the booking reference number. If you don’t have the booking reference number, please include the event url and name or email address of the customer you wish to refund.

Please note that we can only refund tickets for your events if your Ticketlab account has enough funds to do so. If funds have already been deposited in your account, you’re liable to refund any due monies yourself in a manner agreeable by both Event Organiser and Customer.

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