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If you’ve got more than a few guests coming, the allocation list can get quite long and it can be time-consuming to get everyone through the door.In order to ensure you verify everyone’s tickets and do so quickly, we’ve created our own free and easy scanning system. Each ticket has a QR code which is scannable by any free to download QR code scanning app (e.g. QR Droid for Android or Quick Scan - QR Code Reader for iPhone) and redirects you to Ticketlab where the system will tell
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Before your event takes place you may want to check the venue has a wireless internet connection as this will impact which method will work best for confirming and admitting your guests. You have three options for validating tickets on the door, if there's sufficient internet you can use the online allocation list or QR code options described below. Don't worry if there isn't an internet connection at your venue, scroll down to read how to welcome your guests in this situation. WELCOME your
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The Allocation List is accessible by logging into your account and clicking the greenish button on the top right of your event page, as shown below. You'll be presented with a list of all the people who have bought tickets, how many tickets they've bought, their booking reference (ticket code) and some other options. Ticket Types There are three possible ticket types: Sale This is a regular ticket sold through Ticketlab. Each booking can contain any number of tickets (shown in
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Generally we'll aim to pay you around 2 weeks after your event, and we process all payments on a Wednesday. As such, the length of time you'll wait after your event will vary depending on the day of the week your event falls on, for example, if your event is on a Monday, the Wednesday approximately 2 weeks later is 16 days later, if your event is on a Sunday, it falls 10 days later. The reason we leave this period of time before paying is to protect ourselves against 'chargebacks'. This is
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Ticketlab is completely free to event promoters, bands and venues - you'll incur absolutely no charges when you set up your event. So, you're probably wondering how we make money? Well, a small booking fee will be added to each ticket upon checkout. We're not greedy (promise!); we only charge a fee of 20p per ticket (which covers some of the payment processing fees, plus a sliding percentage of a maximum of 6%. You won't find any hidden costs when you buy or sell tickets using our
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Ticketlab makes it easy for you to sell your own tickets to events. Here's our quick and easy guide to setting up and running your own event. Set up your event Register on Ticketlab Add the venue for your event Enter your event details Promote your event Seamlessly embed your ticket page into your own website - Share your event - Manage your event: Manage your ticket holders and guest list online or print them out. More info. Tickets can be