Event management

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Ticketlab Admissions App Documentation   Introduction to admissions.ticketlab.co.uk The Ticketlab Admissions App, is a seamless solution for event admissions and attendee management. This web application is designed to streamline the check-in process for event organisers and door staff, ensuring a smooth and efficient entry experience for attendees. The Ticketlab Admissions App is an integral part of the Ticketlab ecosystem, created to offer a hassle-free way to verify ticket holders
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By default, tickets sold via Ticketlab are non-refundable. An Event Organiser can, at their discretion, choose to provide a refund on request. Unless previously authorised by an Event Organiser, Ticketlab are unable to provide a refund. There are some exceptions to this as outlined in the Event Organiser Terms. These include event cancellation, material change to the event (change of lineup, date or venue for example). If you're a ticket holder and would like to enquire about getting a
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Using online tools to allow you to continue to host events during the COVID-19 pandemic. With many of us stuck at home with (perhaps) more free time than usual, it’s important to consider if you could move a previously live event online, or if you could provide a different event experience using video conferencing. For some types of events, being there in person may not be necessary if you have a camera and microphone on your computer. Deciding if you can host a virtual event What kind
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It is possible to contact your guests directly from Ticketlab without needing to download or handle any data. Simply navigate to your event page and click the "Email ticket holders" button under the "Communication" drop down menu. On the resulting page, you'll be able to compose a message and send to some or all of your attendees. You'll be able to Preview the message before you send it. Additionally, if you wanted to send a test message to yourself before sending it out, you can
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Should you need to cancel your event, you can do so from your event dashboard. This will remove your event from sale, mark it as "Cancelled" and remove it from public listings. It will also inform us here at Ticketlab to start the refund process. You may also wish to inform your guests and existing ticket holders of the cancellation. Refunds from event cancellation Once we receive notice of event cancellation for a paid event we will endeavour to process refunds within 48 hours. Our