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We have a couple of different ways in which we can embed your events into your own website, depending on your requirements. Wordpress integration We've recently created a Wordpress plugin that displays all of your events in one place. It's mobile responsive and automatically updates as you add new events to Ticketlab, saving you from having to add the events on your website as well. Please get in touch if you think this could help you out - we've not yet published this to the Wordpress plugin
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If you use Google, Outlook or Apple to manage your calendar (or most other cloud-based calendars that support ical format), you can now get your Ticketlab listings to directly synchronise so you can see at a glance all of your events without having to log into Ticketlab. You'll also be able to see how many guests have booked tickets to your event. It's very simple to setup, but requires a couple of steps: If you've already got an events page set up for your business you can skip this