Add your event to Facebook

Currently, we’re unable to automate creating events on Facebook due to their API restrictions. Thankfully, it’s easy enough to do on your own and can help boost your attendance if you have a page with pre-existing followers.

First, navigate to your Facebook page. You can find this from the small ‘down’ arrow in the top right of the page. From there click ‘Events’ on the left navigation.

Underneath the header image and buttons you’ll find the ‘Create Event’ button. Click that to get the below pop-up.

Enter your event name, image and description (you can copy and paste this from your Ticketlab event if you’ve already filled it in there). Then, paste the url for your ticket page into the ‘Ticket URL’ area (you’ll have to scroll a bit to find this). If you’re not sure what your Ticket url is, you’ll find it on the email we sent you after you set up your event. Alternatively, if you click to view your event from your dashboard on Ticketlab, you can directly copy the url from the bar at the top of your browser. You can customise what your ticket button says by clicking on the dropdown to the right of this field.

When you’re done, click ‘Publish’. You’ll see your event page with a button that points to your Ticketlab page. You can now invite your followers to attend your event or share this event to other groups you’re a member of on Facebook.

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