Getting paid after your event

Generally we’ll aim to pay you around 2 weeks after your event, and we process all payments on a Wednesday. As such, the length of time you’ll wait after your event will vary depending on the day of the week your event falls on, for example, if your event is on a Monday, the Wednesday approximately 2 weeks later is 16 days later, if your event is on a Sunday, it falls 10 days later.

The reason we leave this period of time before paying is to protect ourselves against ‘chargebacks’. This is where a ticket buyer claims that the transaction on their bank account is fraudulent or that they didn’t receive the goods or service that they paid for. The banks usually find in favour of the customer, so if we transferred sooner we might find ourselves out of pocket if a dispute is subsequently raised.

We’ve now added the ability to see when you’re likely to be paid for your event to your event dashboard. Please note that this is a guideline only: we’re a small team and it may not always be possible to transfer your funds on that specific day, but we’ll always do our best and you shouldn’t receive your funds later than a week after they’re due as long as there isn’t a problem with the payment details you’ve provided.

We understand that you may be a small business or a startup and in organising your event you may have expenses you need to meet just to put the event on. If that’s the case, and the above payment terms don’t fit your event, let us know by emailing Riley to explain your particular scenario. We’ll try and do everything we can to ensure your event can go ahead.

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