Creating an event

Creating an event on Ticketlab is super-easy!

If you’re logged in, in the left navigation you can tap “Create event” or go directly there via this link.

The event creation page will lead you through the simple steps to create your first event, starting with the event name and date:

Create a new event - screenshot

After adding these, you’ll be able to proceed to the next stage: adding a venue.

If this is your first time here, you won’t have any venues saved, so you can create one at this stage.

Create a venue

A online-only event can be setup as a virtual venue (or if your venue doesn’t happen at a specific address for any reason). Otherwise, fill in the address for your event and save.

On your second time here, you’ll already have a venue created, so you can make sure this is selected from the dropdown menu.Select a venue

The third and final stage is to specify the number of tickets and price you want to charge:

Quantity and Price

It’s important to note the option of including the booking fee in the price: this determines if the booking fee is added on to the face value to be paid as an extra by your guests, or if they’re charged the face value, and the booking fee is deducted before we transfer funds to you.

Upon filling in these values, you’ll be able to save this information and get the below options:Rejoice!

Your event is now ready, and by default will be ready to start sales immediately. You can view the single event page at this stage or go to the edit page to see more options including:

  • Event description
  • Terms & conditions
  • On sale date
  • Custom fields
  • Event visibility and password

Once you’ve set up your first event you can create more by either repeating this process, or by cloning your event from the dashboard.

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