Duplicating an existing event

Sometimes you’ll want to create a copy of an event and use that as a template for your next upcoming event. Ticketlab makes it easy to ‘clone’ your events directly from the dashboard. Before you start, make sure you’re logged in and on the dashboard. To get to the dashboard if you’re not there already, click the ‘Events dashboard’ button from the toolbar:

Find the event you want to duplicate in the list, and click the ‘Clone’ button

This will bring up the event creation form pre-filled with your event details.

Simply update the details for your new event (you’ll probably need to change at least the date/time) and click “Create my event” at the bottom.

This will create a new event (unconnected to your old one, except in the details you’ve changed) which you can share with your guests.

If you want to list your cloned events together on one page, please follow the steps to create multiple ticket types.

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