Data from your event
When your guests sign up, they can choose to opt in to your communications. Here we detail the steps to extract this information from Ticketlab.

To get to the data download section

  1. Log in
  2. From the dashboard, click on your event
  3. In the sub-navigation click ‘download data’

This will give you the Data retrieval page, where you can choose to download data by:

  • All guests – anyone who has opted in to communications from you
  • Admitted guests – if you’ve used the allocation list to check off who turned up
  • No-shows – anyone not checked off on the allocation list
  • Guestlist – as per admitted guests, these will need to have been checked off on the allocation page
  • No-show guestlist – anyone not checked off on the guestlist section of the allocation list

Retrieving your Data

Each of these options will have two numbers next to it in the format X/X. The second number here represents total number of guests in that category. The first indicates how many have actually opted in to receive communications from you.

Clicking one of the buttons will download the number of records indicated by the first number. Data is in CSV format and will be compatible with any normal spreadsheet program.

Need more data?

We tend to find that only a small minority of guests opt in to an event organiser’s communications, so often you won’t find much or any data here. If you’re used to dealing with GDPR and are happy to shoulder the extra admin and responsibilities that comes with this, we can release all of the data to you for your event. We’re also able to embed your own privacy policy into the registration form, so your guests will have the opportunity to read it prior to submitting their data, giving you the right to use their data in accordance with your own policies. If these options are desired or required for your events, please send us a message and we’ll activate the relevant options on your profile.

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