Setting up your door staff with hand scanners
If you’ve got more than a few guests coming, the allocation list can get quite long and it can be time-consuming to get everyone through the door.In order to ensure you verify everyone’s tickets and do so quickly, we’ve created our own free and easy scanning system.Each ticket has a QR code which is scannable by any free to download QR code scanning app. Both iPhones and Android come with QR scanners as part of the operating system now, but you can download a separate app for free too (e.g. QR Droid for Android or Quick Scan – QR Code Reader for iPhone). Scanning a Ticketlab Ticket QR code redirects you to Ticketlab where the system will tell you if that ticket is valid or not. Please note that you will need to be logged in to do this.

If you wish to allow door staff to scan tickets without giving them your login details, we’ve covered that too. Please simply follow the steps below:

  1. From the ‘Allocation List’ page of your event click ‘Register Scanner’.
  2. Add the name of the member of staff you’re adding and press ‘Add staff member’. This will help you to know who scanned which tickets if there’s an issue later.
  3. Use the staff member’s device to scan the QR code. This will set them up to be able to scan tickets.

Any devices registered in this way will also be able to view the allocation list and enter ticket codes in order to admit guests.

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